Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long will a full house contents valuation take?

A.Most contents valuations can be completed within a day. Many take only a few hours.

Q.  Will I inevitably end up paying a higher insurance premium?

A.No. It is not unusual particularly in the current climate that clients are paying too much for their insurance.

Q.  Is the valuer’s fee open-ended?

A.No. David will give you an indication of timescale when he meets you and will tailor the valuation to meet your requirements. You only pay for his time spent in your house. There are no hidden charges.

Q.  Is there any need for formal probate valuations?

A.Technically, no. On one recent occasion however a figure of £5000 was about to be submitted by a solicitor to the Capital Taxes office until David’s valuation confirmed the contents at just under £3000. This saved the estate an estimated £800 in Inheritance Tax – much more than the cost of the valuation. On another, David identified a Regency sewing compendium in an otherwise worthless house contents, which went on to sell for £2000 in a specialist sale.

Q.  I have a variety of antiques in my home. Will I have to pay for a team of specialists?

A.No. With David’s background as a general valuer he will be able to accommodate most categories of items. Where additional expertise is required David will advise you of the fact in advance. In this event David has a range of associate specialists around the country who will assist with even the most esoteric collections.