£15 million pound find at American car boot sale!

The following report of a remarkable chance discovery was reported in this country by the Antiques Trade Gazette in March of this year : A previously lost Fabergé egg has been found by Mayfair jeweller Wartski in the American Midwest. Until the rediscovery in near miraculous circumstances, eight of the fifty eggs made to unique designs by Carl Fabergé for...


Top pot : broken hearts

In November 2010 the world record price for a Chinese work of art was shattered when a 16 in high double-walled porcelain vase "sold" for a premium-inclusive total of £52 million. The unlikely setting for the sale was Bainbridges, a small, provincial firm of auctioneers in North London into whose warehouse the vase had arrived, initially unrecognised, as part of...



“It will never happen to us” Reluctant as we all are to throw our hard-earned cash down the “insurance drain” we should never forget that a significant number of houses and/or their contents are destroyed each year. Such incidences are highlighted only when a catastrophe of major proportions hits a particular region. Who can forget the disastrous UK floods of...


Works of Art in public collections – philanthropy at a price – Part 2

We recently had the opportunity to visit St. Petersburg where our daughter is currently studying Russian as part of a languages course at Birmingham University. Needless to say we had a fascinating time. One of the highlights for me was the day spent at the Hermitage Museum. The enormity of the Winter Palace and its collection beggar belief; and despite...


Works of Art in public collections – philanthropy at a price – Part 1

Three recent news stories have highlighted the dilemma faced by Local Authorities and Councils in both balancing their books and caring for and curating their public collections. First up is Glasgow City Council. The Burrell Collection was bequeathed to the City Fathers in the mid-20th century by the wealthy shipping magnate and benefactor, Sir William Burrell. Due however to stringent...